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Rotary Kiln Manufacturer India| Rotary Kiln for Sponge Iron

The cooler is an inclined steel cylinder. Water is sprayed along its outside surface to provide a heat sink to cool the product as it moves from the feed end to the discharge end of the cooler. Advantages of ET Design: ET has the distinction of being the designer, producer and user of Sponge Iron

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Iron Sponge Process | Oil and Gas Separator

Iron Sponge Process The iron sponge process uses the chemical reaction of ferric oxide with H2S to sweeten gas streams. This process is applied to gases with low H2S concentrations (300 ppm) operating at low to moderate pressures (50-500 psig).

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Dear Sir/Madam, Can Anyone Please Provide the BBP for ...

Dear Sir/Madam, Can Anyone Please Provide the BBP for Sponge Iron-Billets-Captive Power Planning Industry- Please help Its Very Urgent. Sep 06, 2012 at 11:48 AM | 7 Views . Dear Sir/Madam, Can Anyone Please Provide the BBP for Sponge Iron-Billets-Captive Power Planning Industry- Please help Its Very Urgent. ...

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Costway Burgundy Folding Lazy Sofa Chair ... - Walmart

Our beige folding lazy sofa chair provide a extreme feeling in your leisure time. With the folding feature, this lazy chair can be used as a sofa, or a bed, which is comfortable and convenient. The steel frame make this lazy sofa chair durable and can serve you a long time. Thick sponge cushion and a .

Iron Sponge Unit Design Procedures | Hydrocarbon Compression

Iron Sponge Unit Design Procedures. The iron-sponge process generally uses a single vessel to contain the hydrated ferric oxide wood shavings. A drawing of an iron-sponge unit showing typical provisions for internal and external design requirements was presented in Figure 7-3. The inlet gas line should have taps for gas sampling,...

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US3096172A - Rotary furnace production of sponge iron ...

Description. Heretofore, the sponge iron product has been discharged from the furnace in the form of a trickling stream of discrete particles passing 'over a circular discharge lip in an end wall of the furnace and falling freely through a discharge hood and chute. Despite precautions, extensive oxidation has occurred.

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Sponge Iron - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

DRI, also known as sponge iron, is the product of reducing iron oxide in the form of iron ore and steel plant wastes into metallic iron, below the melting point of iron and typically in the range of 800–1200 °C. Iron oxide is charged into shaft furnace, rotary kiln, or fluidized beds .

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Molykote Lubricants for the Sponge Iron Industry

May 22, 2006 · Slip Seal Mechanisms in Sponge Iron Plants are lubricated with high performance Molykote Greases designed to withstand high temperatures, good pumpability and provide desired sealing effect. Molykote G-0103 designed for slip seal application has a high drop point, with high base oil viscosity to provide lubricity and sealing effect, and is ...

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Used plant machinery & heavy equipment for sale in India ...

All title, ownership and intellectual property rights in the web site and its content shall remain with PlantBee, its affiliates or licensor's of PlantBee content, as the case may be. All rights not otherwise claimed under this agreement or by PlantBee, are hereby reserved.

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Bihar Sponge Iron Limited (BSIL) | Umesh Kumar Modi Group

Bihar Sponge Iron Limited (BSIL) a was co-promoted in the Joint sector by Govt. of Bihar, IFC (washington), DEG, Metallgeschellshaft AG (Lurgi) and Modi's. The Company was incorporated on 16.04.1982, having its Registered Office and Factory at Chandil, Distt.

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About Iron Sponge Iron sponge is a highly porous, coarsely powdered or granular form of iron metal with numerous applications in catalysis, gas purification, and alloy production. Additional technical, research and safety (MSDS) information is available.

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Iron and Steel Industry Karnataka | Karnataka's Iron and ...

Aug 15, 2017 · The iron and steel industry in Karnataka is a multi-crore industry. It plays a big role in the economy of the state. There are a number of steel plants in Karnataka. They provide employment to a large number of people in the state. The industry also draws .

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sponge iron process

May 04, 2014 · sponge iron making through coal based (non-coking coal) is developed by siil, andhra pradesh through undp/unido aid and m/s.lurgi chemie technique , west germay. all the sponge iron plants of capacities of 50tpd, 100 tpd, 350 tpd and 500 tpd are developed on this technology only.

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Tata Sponge Iron - moneycontrol

2016 -Tata Sponge Iron Ltd jumped over 5 per cent on the Bombay Stock Exchange after the company emerged as a successful bidder for award of 24,000 tonnes per annum of coal.

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Sponge Iron | Gagan Group

Sponge iron is the product of solid state reduction of iron ore. It is also known as directly reduced iron or DRI. The process of manufacturing sponge iron or DRI is known as DR process.

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Sponge Iron Price, Wholesale & Suppliers - Alibaba

sponge iron price sponge iron decription: sponge iron specification: sponge iron application: 1. for hot water boiler; 2. suitable for low-pressure steam boiler feed water; 3. suitable for industrial cooling water replenishment; 4. suitable for oil field injection.

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provide a superior level of excellence. Innovation Next Provide Solution for All Industries. Innxt has consistently embraced innovation to ... Sponge Iron(DRI). [email protected] Read More. HALDIA STEELS PVT. LTD. An ISO & BIS Certified Manufacturing Unit - Ferro Alloys, Steel Billets, Sponge Iron (DRI), Captive Power. [email protected]

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(PDF) Production of sponge iron powder by reduction of ...

Sponge iron was successfully produced for reuse in electric furnaces as part of the metallic charge or as a raw material in the production of iron-based powder metallurgy parts [6]. Unfortunately ...

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Iron Sponge - ThomasNet

Iron Sponge Definition. It is used to remove hydrogen sulfide gas from a gas stream, thereby eliminating odors, minimizing the deterioration of equipment and pipelines, and complying with air emission standards regarding sulfur dioxides in stack gas. For other Hydrogen Sulfide treatment products, see Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Systems and Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Plants.

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Melting of a New Carbon –Free Waxed Sponge Iron in ...

Coated wax: (1) acts as inhibitor for inhibition of reoxidation of sponge iron. (2) provide the required carbon for reduction iron oxide as well as a balance for the chemical composition of steel. (3) provide part of the heat required for the reduction. (4) acts as a refiner for the steel via hydrogen formation in the slag which attacks impurities.

  • Published in: International Journal of Materials Science and Applications · 2015Authors: Jaleel Kareem AhmadAbout: Wax · Electric arc · Direct reduced ironGet Price

US2855290A - Method of reducing iron oxide to sponge iron ...

v Heretofore, efforts to continuously and directly reduce iron oxide to sponge iron or the like in rotary kilns or other reduction furnaces have involved the countercurrent flow of hot gases which frequently causes sintering of the already hot reduced iron causing the same to lump and stick `to the sides of the furnace at its discharge end.

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